Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Open Houses

Last week we were informed about two very different open houses. The first we were invited to was one at a Malaysians house hours away. The second was for the new Islamic school opening up in the next city. We had fun at the Malaysian open house but I was a little disappointed that we missed the tour/bbq at the Islamic school. The place finally opens its doors and we miss it. They also have still not answered my latest email so I could have at least gotten some of questions answered. A new lady in the next city did tell me  though that they would be opening in October and that the price would $250 a month which is the cheapest price I've ever heard quoted for an Islamic school in Canada. The going rate is usually $3-400. Apparently the boarders will be charged $500 a month. Back to the Malaysian open house I got to see an old friend who is about to return back to Saudi as her husband will continue working there.There were a lot less students there than the open house last week and more old fogies like us, lol. Before we got there,there had been a family with 6 kids that we wanted to meet but unfortunately they had already left. I did get to meet their daughter though but she was really quiet. Maybe she didn't know english that well yet. I tried to get her to play with my 10 yr old but she didn't seem interested and just sat with the old women. Kind of boring for a 12 yr old! One guy started mentioning the dangers of facebook and I chimed in that I had quit last year. Yes I'm a rebel. For me it had turned into fake/fight book so I said adios. There's a movie coming out about the guy and I'm not forking over any dough for that, that's for sure.  After the open house we stopped by to bring dd2 the missing items she forgot to pack and also her bike. I also brought her a plate of food from the open house including curry puffs. She mentioned that the majority of muslims in the MSA are arabs and they are not being very inclusive towards her. I was surprised because usually the young people are very open-minded. Insha Allah she will make some friends. She said there were only 3 Pakistanis. And there are no malays; the last ones left last year.

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