Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ramadan Day 28

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Still dealing with the kids' problem and trying to find new solutions. Its becoming quite stressful. I called my son (ds1) and daughter (dd1) to see what the menu is for Eid and what I should bring. Looks like we'll be bringing dessert. Insha Allah I will be making Ambrosia again and something new Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball. Dd2 and dd3 will also be contributing. I don't like to focus on this during Ramadan but someone has to make the food for Eid right? I was reading the Quran last night and came across an ayat that made me think about what's going on with the mosque in New York. Basically it says if Allah didn't check one people against another then synogogues, churches and mosques would be torn down. Right now we see that; people for and against. But we know that Allah will protect his holy places. This could be the last day of Ramadan (the 29th), but our community is waiting for the moon sighting. So I will have at least one more entry and hey why not Eid too but that might take awhile. How was your Day 28? Have you paid your zakat yet? We have, masha Allah.

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