Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How ya like me now?

I got sick of the old template especially the colour so I applied this new one. Meanwhile my daughter is making me a custom one but I don't know when it will be ready and I can't stand looking at the old one so here is the new one. I think its more fresh and readable. I might make some other changes too. Its autumn so it inspires changes, so I will follow this mood. Hope its a good change for my readers as well.


  1. I like it, But I'm interested in your daughter's custom one...

  2. Salaams, I like the clean, clear look of this new layout. I miss your signature header image from the last layout though. But like Hethr said, I'm interested in the theme your daughter's designing (hope it has a really neat header...something that goes with the title of your blog maybe)!

  3. Wa Alaikum salaam

    Yes the header is supposed to reflect the title.