Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Tale of Two Purple Jilbabs

Well actually the first one is not really a jilbab but a prayer garment but I'm wearing it as one and no one is going to stop me. The first one is from Shukr and can be seen here. It comes in different colours but I chose purple which seems to be sold out in all countries.  The second one is actually a jilbab and can be seen here and its from Masoomah. Here are the pros and cons.

Comes in nice colours.
Lightweight for the summer.
Has an amazing wrap around hijab (you can just throw this on when the postman comes.)
Its nursing friendly.
One size fits all.
Nice material.
Wudu friendly.


A little long for walking but its made this way because its a prayer garment.

* I got lots of compliments wearing this at the mosque.



1.Comes in nice colours.
2. Lightweight for the summer.
3. Nursing friendly.
4. Has great style: looks like a dress.
5. Has pockets.
6. They will customize it to your exact size.


1. The sleeves are so tight that you can't roll them up for wudu.
2. Its long and they didn't seem to hem it but I could be wrong.

* I haven't worn this one yet but its going to have to be my go on quick errands jilbab since its not wudu friendly.

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