Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadan Day 21

Ameena is talking about itikaf but for sure I'm not going to be doing that not even in my own home. I can just imagine how many knocks there would be on my bedroom door! Mom I want something to drink,Mom somebody hit me, Mom can I come in, etc. Yesterday I addressed all my eid cards and put all the stamps I had on them. I still have to buy international stamps and send them. I went to the library and gazed lovingly at my display and ordered a book I read when I was a kid and couldn't remember the name of until I did an intensive google search. Its called Saturday, The Twelfth of October. Anyone ever read it? I've never been able to get this book out of my head. I was thinking of breaking people's fasts again today so I asked dd2 to make her strawberry soup for the neighbour. I still had her soup tureen and malays don't believe in returning the plate empty,lol. See being around different cultures makes you a better person. For myself I made fettucine with shrimp and everyone liked it. I wasn't in the mood to read Quran (is that a sin?) and I was way too tired to get up to pray tahajud. Insha Allah you are reading the book though because Ameena is a much better example than me! Masha Allah. Oh yeah and last night the power went out so I was thinking this is the night of no power, lol. Ahem but may have been the Night of Power. Astafirallah. How was your day 21? PS Strawberry soup pic and recipe to follow.


  1. ASA

    I literally laughed out loud at the "night of no power" too funny.

    Where did you find Eid Cards?? I can't find any :( Then I always feel bad becuase I'm too cheap to buy the sets of 5 cards for $20 at the local Islamic Rip Off shop. :(

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    I actually got them from my daughter who got them from her friend who put in a big order to SmarkArk which is in England. She put in a big order to save on shipping. I really like these cards, they are so fun. I don't know if anyone in Canada is selling them.

  3. I got the book from the library Saturday the twelfth of October and I skimmed through it and now I realize why I can't get it out of my head. Just as Zan travelled through time and came back as a completely different person but no one could realize that I also felt the same when I came back from Malaysia. Everything was still the same for everyone in Canada but I had changed so much inside. I couldn't stop talking about it when I got back but people were really not all that interested. Travel has a profound effect on the soul.